Origin Story

Blurrel is born in London and live with his grandparents. Since his dad was a high government public worker and her mom was a successful business woman, they were too busy to raise their children and always thought work is the first. So he and his one elder brother was grown up by their grandparents and he and his brother didn’t had much love from their parents. While he was young, he heard the news that his parent was murdered by the snipers in the public event. His grandparents worried about this two child’s future but he and his brother realized at that time that they were lack of emotion because they didn’t get enough love from their parent so they didn’t cried and they also didn’t felt that sad. But what they felt at that time is they wanted themself to be strong and need to save people from the danger.

As time past, Blurrel became a middle school teacher and his brother became a police so that they worked in their own place during daytime but they started moving as a city vigilante as the sun sets. Blurrel was a science teacher and one day, the chemistry material was spilled over him by class student's uncautiousness during experiment. He stayed in the hospital for a while and he realized he earned an ability to teleport from one place to another and can move fast as well. Moreover, his sense of hearing reached at the same level with a cat. He first fell into frustration but then he thought he should use this power to make a better city. As the city became quiet than before, there was a problem to his brother. His brother became a target to one of the biggest criminal organization based in London and he eventually gets kidnapped and then came back to his little brother as dead body. So Black Cloud was felt into a depression for a while because his closest person is gone but he lately determined himself to train hard so he learned martial arts after his work everyday. After few years of training and away from the city, he came back in an absolute superhero.